SeAH Japan Targets Record Sales, Profit in 2012

SeAH Japan, which is sales force of SeAH Steel of South Korea, tries to expand sales of large diameter pipe and major forging products in Japan. The firm plans historical high 300 million yen of recurring profit with 30 billion yen of sales in 2012, which is 20% higher profit with 16.3% higher sales from 2011.

The firm posted record 250 million yen of recurring profit with record 25.8 billion yen of sales in 2011, which were 66.6% higher profit and 69.7% higher sales from 2010. The firm expanded the sales of stainless pipe, pipe pile and other steel products while the sales were strong for automobile.

The firm expands large diameter pipe from SeAH Steel and forging products from SeAH Besteel of South Korea in 2012. The sales force tries to expand the pipe sales for offshore engineering projects and the forging sales for Japanese plant and shipbuilders.

The firm traded 300,000 tonnes of iron ore and direct reduced iron in 2011. The firm targets 1 million tonnes of raw materials sales in 2012 eyeing coal trading.