Furukawa-Sky Develops Porous Aluminium for LiB Current Collector

Furukawa-Sky Aluminum Corp. announced on Wednesday the firm developed unique current collector for lithium ion battery (LiB), named FUSPOROUS. FUSPOROUS is porous aluminium which can increase content of positive-electrode active material per unit area compared with conventional current collector of aluminium foil. This contributes to higher capacity of LiB. Furukawa-Sky Aluminum aims to supply FUSPOROUS to meet the demand for high capacity LiB.

FUSPOROUS is three-dimension porous aluminium. The porosity can be controlled to maximum 95%. Porous aluminium has larger surface area than aluminium foil, the conventional positive-electrode current collector for LiB. FUSPOROUS is high purity aluminium with high conductivity while which shows enough strength.

LiB positive electrode consists of active material and conductive assistant attached by binder. In the case using aluminium foil current collector, the electrode thickness is limited in order to keep effective working of active materials. Furukawa-Sky Aluminum adopted three-dimension porous aluminium to raise the capacity to contain active material and increase the LiB cell capacity.