Japan and Mongolia Strengthen Cooperation for Coal Development

Mr. Yukio Edano, minister of Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), had a talk with Mr. Dashidorj Zorigt, minister of Mongolia Ministry of Mineral and Energy (MME), on February 22, and required METI and MME should extend relationship in broad range including resource and energy fields since Mongolia has abundant natural resources such as coal as well as talented young Mongolians. Mr. Zorigt showed a positive stance to formulate specific cooperative relationship with Japan.

Mongolia has abundant coal resources and produces coal at around 10 million tonnes per year, exporting mainly to China. Meanwhile, the country hasn’t developed many coal mines. Five Japanese business houses bid for the development project of Tavan Tolgoi coal mine which is the world largest class coal mine. METI supports these business houses’ bids. METI considers to reinforce diplomatic relations between Japan and Mongolia in mineral resource development field and to secure stable supply sources for coal and rare metals.

METI and MME plan to host periodic public and private mineral resource development consociations and to swap opinions. They also projects geological surveys such for coal substance in South Gobi Desert area.