Asai Sangyo to Open Indonesia Subsidiary

Tokyo based special steel trading firm, Asai Sangyo opens Indonesian subsidiary. The firm reorganizes Indonesian office into local subsidiary by June. The Indonesian subsidiary, Asai Indonesia will build warehouse with 5,000 square meters of space by summer of 2013 for around 500 million yen to stock 15,000 tonnes of steel for better service for local users.

Asai Sangyo targets 3 billion yen of annual sales for the subsidiary by 2015. The firm eyes potential steel cutting business to supply high value added steel. The firm tries to follow higher special steel and other steel demand in Southeast Asia.

Asai Sangyo opens Asai Indonesia in industrial park in Jababeka which is located in 35 kilometers east of Jakarta. Asai Sangyo controls 95% of the subsidiary with 60 million yen of capital while local major machining processor has 5% share in the subsidiary.