Japan Integrated Steels to Increase Can Steel Export Price

Japanese integrated steel makers try to increase export price of can material flat rolled steel for April-June shipment from January-March. The integrated steels try to improve profitability when the makers cannot fully cover higher raw material cost since April 2011. The makers see the price could increase for April-June due to seasonal higher demand and higher hot rolled flat steel price in offshore market.

Japanese integrated steels see the price already hit the bottom in October-December when offshore users ask the makers to revise contract term for January-March shipment to cover the shipment through June.

The integrated steels see offshore major tinplate makers including South Korean Dongbu Steel, TCC Steel and Taiwanese Ton Yi Industrial Corp. increase the selling price for April-June when hot rolled flat steel price increased in January-March. Japanese integrated steels see Chinese tinplate makers stopped cheaper export offer.

Thai flood decreased Japanese integrated steels’ export volume of can material flat rolled steel in October-December. The demand increased in late December-early January. The demand increases for April-June from January-March. The integrated steels see world demand already hit bottom when the demand increases in emerging countries in 2012 from 2011 and the demand condition could improve in developed countries.