Japanese Fe Scrap Export Hits Below 6MT in 2011

Japanese annual ferrous scrap export totaled 5.453 million tonnes in 2011, decreasing by 15.7% from 2010. The export decreased for two years in a row and hit below 6 million tonnes after three years. The export volume sharply decreased for April-June, just after the Japan Earthquake. The export to South Korea accounted for 52.5% in the total volume.

The export to South Korea decreased by 12.2% to 2.864 million tonnes, according to Ministry of Finance. The export to China decreased by 9.9% to 2.445 million tonnes while the export to Taiwan increased by 27.2% to 379,000 tonnes.

In December, the monthly export was 636,000 tonnes, increasing by 3.3% from November while the export increased by 13.6% from a year earlier. The export to South Korea was 293,000 tonnes, decreasing by 14.1% month-to-month while the export increasing by 25.2% year-to-year. The export to China was 297,000 tonnes, 17% month-to-month plus and 2.9% year-to-year plus. The export to Taiwan was 12,000 tonnes, 3.9 times month-to-month while 56.8% minus year-to-year.