Japan Carbon Steel Export Decreases by 6.6% in CY2011

Japanese annual carbon steel export decreased by 6.6% to 27.378 million tonnes in CY2011 from CY2010, according to Japan Iron & Steel Federation. The export volume downed under strong yen trend, weak Asian steel market and negative impact of Thai flood on Japanese car and electric appliance industries. By countries, the export decreased to South Korea, China, Thailand and Taiwan.

All steel export including special steel decreased by 5.0% to 41.24 million tonnes, first minus in 2 years. Meanwhile, the export reached 40 million tonnes for 2 years in a row and hit the secondly highest level. Japanese steel industry has tried to increase export when domestic market was stagnant.

By items, wide hot rolled strip decreased by 4.5% to 8.728 million tonnes, zinc coated sheet decreased 12.4% to 4.935 million tonnes, wide cold rolled strip decreased by 7.4% to 3.713 million tonnes, plate decreased by 3.4% to 3.672 million tonnes, welded tube decreased by 7.6% to 966,000 tonnes, shaped steel decreased by 3.1% to 882,000 tonnes and steel bar decreased by 25.6% to 346,000 tonnes. Meanwhile, magnetic sheet increased by 4.7% to 969,000 tonnes, seamless pipe increased by 4.2% to 687,000 tonnes and wire rod increased by 7.1% to 545,000 tonnes.

By countries, total steel export decreased by 19.2% to 8.853 million tonnes to South Korea where Hyundai Steel and POSCO aggressively expanded their domestic capacities. The volume represented first minus in 3 years. The export to China decreased by 8.2% to 3.525 million tonnes. The export to Thailand decreased by 4.5% to 4.618 million tonnes. The export to Taiwan was 3.525 million tonnes, decreasing by 4.6%. Meanwhile, the export to the U.S.A. increased by 34.1% to 2.003 million tonnes.