Kiyomine Metal Industry Strengthens Inspection Processes

Ibaraki based phosphor bronze and nickel silver fabricator, Kiyomine Metal Industry is strengthening the product inspection processes inside the plant’s production lines. The firm plans to install two surface inspection machines in the production process of sheet and strip products until March 2012. The firm has also introduced an automatic inspection machine to check inner defects of bar products and started the operation in October.

The plant has one surface inspection machine for sheet and strip products at the end of the production processes. By March 2012, two additional surface checking machines will be installed after the pickling and degreasing process. The capex will total approximately 40 million yen including the cost for the production line conversion.

Kiyomine’s annual capex will be total 150-200 million yen in fiscal 2011 ending in March 2012 such for maintenance of electrical controlling system for the finish-rolling line, the pickling and degreasing line, as well as installment of a continuous annealing furnace for special alloy products. The annealing furnace is scheduled to start test operation in January.