Summit Showa Aluminum Estimates 62,000T Secondary Al Alloy Output in 2H

Summit Showa Aluminum, Osaka based secondary aluminium alloy maker, plans its secondary aluminium alloy production at around 62,000 tonnes for the second half year of fiscal 2011 ending in March 2012, slightly increasing from the same period of fiscal 2010. For a full year of fiscal 2011, the production would total 115,000 tonnes, decreasing by 6% from fiscal 2010 due to sharp market decline in the first half year.

Summit Showa Aluminum’s output is higher than year earlier level along automakers’ production recovery. However, Mr. Yoshihiko Suzuki, president of Summit Showa Aluminum cautiously indicated the demand might tone down in or after January 2012 since automakers’ current output recovery is mainly to resolve delivery delays caused by the Japan Earthquake.

The company’s secondary aluminium alloy output dropped by 11.7% to 53,000 tonnes for April-September 2011 from the same period of fiscal 2010. The production in the second half year is forecasted not so strong to cover the volume down in the first half year.

As for production of re-melted aluminium can scrap ingot (RSI), Summit Showa Aluminum decided output reduction since profitability has remarkably worsened along steep decline of primary aluminium market price and domestic demand for RSI is recently shrinking.