Weak Copper Scrap Price in Tokyo

Copper scrap market price is flat around Tokyo under very low scrap supply for the dealers when Japanese official copper ingot price significantly decreased on Wednesday.

The copper scrap market price is around 540-550 yen per kilogram for No.1 copper wire scrap at the dealers’ purchase price around Tokyo. The users reduce the scrap purchase in September toward Japanese half year financial closing. The dealers would not purchase the scrap at higher price when their inventory stays at high level. The brass scrap price is around 380-390 yen for new cutting grade and around 340-350 yen for turning scrap.

The scrap export price is weak. The price is around 315 yen per kg for non-shredded brass based mix scrap at the exporters’ purchase price. The export price is around 200 yen for thin electric wire scrap with insulator, volume of which copper represents 40-42%. The export price was around 365 yen for mixed brass scrap and around 260 yen for mixed electric wire scrap in mid-September. The price would decrease when the demand decreased for China after copper ingot price decrease.