Steady Ferrous Scrap Price in Tokyo, Osaka

Ferrous scrap market price is steady at around 29,500 yen per tonne for H2 grade, around 31,300 yen for H1 grade and around 33,000 yen for HS grade at the dealers’ purchase price including freight around Tokyo. Local electric furnace steel makers pay 35,000-36,000 yen for H2 grade and higher price is 37,000 yen.

Local electric furnaces’ ferrous scrap purchase price increased by 1,500-2,000 yen per tonne since the beginning of September. The scrap export price from Tokyo bay increases. One market source sees the scrap price would not decrease when the export price is increasing for South Korea.

Ferrous scrap market price is flat with strong tone at around 26,000 yen per tonne for H2 grade at the dealers’ purchase price around Osaka. Local electric furnace steel makers’ purchase price is 34,500-35,500 yen. Most of local electric furnaces keep turning scrap purchase price unchanged while most of them increased heavy scrap purchase price. Some makers purchase scrap at spot basis.

A trader source sees scrap supply could get short temporarily around Osaka when local exporters ship scrap for joint export order.