Showa Denko to Open Al Foil Plant in Nantong, China

Showa Denko opens high purity aluminium foil making plant in Nantong, Jiangsu of China for 1.5 billion yen. The plant would launch the operation in April-June of 2013 and targets monthly 500 tonnes sales. Showa Denko launches the foil making in China when the demand would increase for aluminium electrolytic capacitor.

Showa Denko transports semi-finished aluminium foil from Sakai plant in Japan for Chinese new plant to implement finish processing including annealing and cleaning. Chinese plant targets monthly 100 tonnes sales for local users and tries to increase the sales to 500 tonnes.

Aluminium electrolytic capacitor is mainly used for home appliance and automotive parts. Showa Denko sees the world demand would increase by 10% per year through 2015 due to economy growth in emerging countries.