Japan Supply and Demand to be Tight after September

The supply and demand of steel products shows sign to be temporary tight made by Japanese electric furnace steel makers for mainly long products after September when some electric steel makers’ inventory decreased due to concentric periodic repair in August and the demand is starting recovery for building construction around Tokyo in September and orders are increasing to steel makers step by step. Steel makers are expected to raise the sales price of steel products in autumn. Redevelopment projects started around Tokyo despite of the disaster of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Because the demand is recovering for small-middle size condominium or houses except bay area, small-middle size general contractors are increasing acceptance of order.

On the other hand, the project for storm surge barrier is expected to set around atomic electric power plant and civil engineering and port improvement works are expected to activate in fiscal 2012 at ended March 2013 when the restoration work is starting from the disaster.

Electric furnace steel makers plan to focus production in twice-3 holidays in the middle and the last half of September when decreases electric power charge. Many ferrous scrap dealers expect anticipation of high ferrous scrap prices and are reducing shipment of ferrous scrap to electric furnace steel makers.

The supply and demand is expected to be tight for shaped steel and rebar except for steel sheet after September. Tokyo Steel Manufacturing, Japanese largest electric furnace steel maker, raised the sales price by 2,000 yen per tonne for H-beam and rebar to general contractors on Monday. Because there is possible other electric furnace steel makers raise the sales prices, current rip of steel market price is starting to change.