Metal One Sets Plate Cutting Factory for Construction Machine in India

Metal One, Japanese major steel dealer, announced on Thursday, the firm established a plate cutting company, India Metal One Steel Plate Processing Private Limited (IMOP), in India in April 2011 and started the plant construction on September 1. Total investment is 1.75 billion rupees.

IMOP supplies cut plate and secondary processed products to construction machine makers in India. The plant will start commercial operation in August 2012 with processing capacity at 2,000 tonnes per month.

IMOP’s the capital fund is 1.227 billion rupees, 60% invested by Metal One and 40% by Keiyo Blanking Kogyo, Metal One’s subsidiary. IMOP will operate with 200 employees, introducing NC cutting machines working by gas, raiser and plasma as well as bending machine, grooving machine, welding machine and machining center.

Metal One and Keiyo Blanking Kogyo jointly operate 2 plate processing factories in China. This is the first joint processing company in India. Steel plate consumption is expected to expand in India for raw material development, infrastructure construction and energy industry. Metal One aims to secure the demand at the local processing site.