Aluminium Premium is Downward Trend in Japan

Aluminium base metal premium negotiation started to Japan for October-December. The premium price is decreasing when anticipation of fall for world economy, decreased South Korean, European and American premium price.

Premium negotiation started in middle of this week for real in Japan. Major smelters seemed to offer the price down by US$ 3 to US$ 117-119 per tonne to Japanese users for July-September. Other suppliers seemed to leave the price unchanged. One Japanese large dealer source said other smelters are starting to decrease offer price when major smelters decreased offer price.

On the other hand, Japanese large dealers and light metal makers aim to decrease the price by US$ 5-7 in this negotiation when tender premium price decreased to US$ 103 by South Korean Public Procurement Service in August, premium price in North America and Europe slightly decreased.

The demand is apprehended for aluminum due to anticipation of fall for world economy by Sovereign Risk in the future.

The demand is recovering for mainly automobile in Japan. Many users reduced purchase

and didn’t buy aluminium for July-September use duet to the disaster of the great East Japan Earthquake. However, most users buy aluminium on schedule for October-December, according to one large dealer source.

The demand is expected to keep good situation when major automobile makers plan to increase output for the last half of fiscal 2011 from the same period of last year. But it has misgivings high yen rate cases injury to such as automobile makers. One user source said Japanese automobile makers are made impact if consumption drops by business deterioration in U.S.