Color Galvalium Steel Sheet Price Keeps Flat in Tokyo

Color galvalium steel sheet price keeps flat in Tokyo. Shipping movements are dull because of drop-off season. In addition, the Hokkaido and Tohoku areas, which are Northern and Northeastern Japan respectively and the areas of the good demand, are hit by heavy snow. But steel sheet makers don’t think that they will be able to sell the products if they cut the price. They plan to maintain the current price, and they are producing them in proportion to the demand. The price of large coil with 0.35 millimeters thick is around 184,000 yen per tonne, and that of small coil is around 205,000 yen per tonne.Capital investment of companies is likely to keep its high level this year. Color Galvalium Steel Sheet Demand is likely to keep firmer tone because start of construction is likely to be relatively good; factory and warehouse are expected to keep their firmer tone.