Flat Rebar Price at 58,000 y/t in Tokyo

The market price of concrete reinforcing steel bar keeps around 58,000 yen per tonne since the end of 2005 for products with 19 millimeters diameter in Tokyo. The local rebar production is likely to decrease by 40,000-50,000 tonne to 230,000-250,000 tonnes in January from the previous month, when electric furnace steel makers stopped operation for about a week during the year-end and New Year holidays due to seasonal maintenance.Demand is brisk for building construction, mainly for condominiums around Tokyo. The rolling lead time at makers is more than a month for base sized products with more than 16 millimeters diameter and about 2-3 weeks for 13 mm and less sized products. Makers cannot increase their stocks when the shipment is active for both base- and small-sized products. However, makers and dealers rather keep the price level than raise the price at present.Makers would maintain their selling price and the market price in order to overcome the seasonal demand decrease in January-March. The price could be supported by active orders for building construction around Tokyo.