Flat H-beam Price in Tokyo

H-beam price is flat at 75,000-76,000 yen per tonne for products with 100 x 200 millimeters widths in Tokyo at dealers’ sites without freight. The price is likely to keep the level. Although the stock has increased by the holidays between the year end and the New Year, the market players have no sense of overstock when inventory of products with 150 x 150 millimeters widths to 300 x 300 widths is shortage of supply. The distributors could make money at the price level when the stock replaces to lower priced products after Nippon Steel reduced the selling price by 3,000 yen per tonne for October order. The distribution stock of H-beam by Tokiwakai, which is group of Nippon Steel’s H-beam dealers, increased by 11.6% to 53,891 tonnes at the end of December around Tokyo from the previous month and the stock increased to 1.79 months of shipment. Tokyo Steel Product Dealers Association also reported the members’ H-beam stock increased by 8.4% to 33,402 tonnes and the stock to shipment was 1.81 months. The supply is getting easier. However, dealers said the stock is still low level and recent order for the dealers is in line with December. The demand is relative firm for some products including 100 x 100 size for slower demand season in January-December.