Furukawa-Sky Aluminum Founds New Plant in Vietnam

Furukawa-Sky Aluminum announced on Wednesday that it founded Furukawa-Sky Aluminum (Vietnam) Inc. on January 11 in order to expand aluminium casting manufacturing business in Vietnam. The subsidiary is wholly owned by Furukawa-Sky Aluminum and based in Ho Chi Minh City. The capital is US$ 6 million. Furukawa-Sky Aluminum entrusts some aluminium casting production to Furukawa Automotive Parts (Vietnam) Inc. at present, the subsidiary of Furukawa Automotive Parts. Furukawa-Sky Aluminum plans to establish its own plant in January 2007 and to strengthen aluminium precision casting production for automobiles in Vietnam. Furukawa-Sky Aluminum will increase output of aluminium casting products to 700,000 units per month by the end of 2008 from current 300,000 units.Furukawa-Sky’s main plant for aluminium casting parts is located in Oyama of Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. Furukawa-Sky also started the manufacturing in Vietnam 2 years and half ago. The firm decided to found individual ownership in Vietnam in order to meet demand expansion customers’ needs in the region. Furukawa-Sky expects Vietnamese plant will become the main manufacturing base of aluminium casting products for autos and Oyama plant be the mother base for research and development.As to sales in Vietnam, Furukawa-Sky Aluminum continues to take charge. There is no influence on Furukawa-Sky’s financial outlook for fiscal 2005 ended March 2006 by the establishment of the new company.