Japanese Sponge Titanium Shipment Broke Above at 30,000 Tonnes in 2005

Japanese sponge titanium shipment in 2005 broke above at 30,000 tonnes at the first time and increased to 30,549 tonnes by 16% over from the previous year because the demand for airplane or common industry such as a plant are expanding, according to Japan Titanium Society. Expanded titanium products shipment in 2005 rose 4% to 18,147 tonnes and recorded the high for 2 consecutive years. Expanded titanium products average shipment for 1996-2003 was at 12,700 tonnes per year. In 2004, it was 17,387 tonnes; it was 18147 tonnes in 2005. One factor which its shipment of the expanded titanium products raised is the increasing demand for common industry. Expanded titanium products shipment for the electric power plant is activity in China before a backdrop of the electric power shortage in China and increased to 3,271 tonnes in 2005 from at 3,105 tonnes in 2004; it for electrolysis increased to 1,561 tonnes by 6%; it for the plate heat exchanger increased to 2,968 tonnes by 4% in 2005 over the previous year; it for automobile increased to 1,526 tonnes by 29%. It for airplane, civilian goods or ship is good; it for distributor increased to 2,815 tonnes by 2%.It is expected that titanium shipment in 2006 continues to be good condition, and that the demand for plant extend against high economic growth in China. Some Japanese expanded titanium maker finished to accepted the order which delivery in fiscal 2006 at the ended of March and the firm said to aim to accept the order which delivery in fiscal 2007 after April, 2006.