Steel Demand to Grow by 4.6% in Major Countries in 2006, JISF

Apparent steel consumption will increase by 4.6% to 977.8 million tonnes in major 23 countries and 25 countries of European Union in 2006 from estimated demand in 2005, announced by Japan Iron and Steel Federation. Chinese demand increases by 7.3% to near 400 million tonnes while demand other countries than China will also increase by 2.8%. Chinese raw steel output will increase more than the increase of demand growing by 11% to 385 million tonnes. China turns into net exporter at more than 10 million tonnes including semi-finished steel. Total raw steel output of 23 countries and EU will increase by 5.4% to 1.007 billion tonnes. Chinese steel products output will increase by 11.7% to 409 million tonnes in 2006 from estimated figure in 2005 though Chinese steel industry will grow at lower rate than before due to the government action to cool overheated investment. The steel export will increase by 13.6% to 30 million tonnes including semi-finished steel while the steel import decreases by 33.1% t o18.4 million tonnes. The net export is 11.6 million tonnes compared with 1.2 million tonnes of net import in 2005. Steel export by 23 countries and EU will increase by 2.8% to 210.5 million tonnes in 2006 from estimated number in 2005. The steel import will decrease by 1.9% to 198.8 million tonnes. The raw steel output by other than China will increase by 2.2% to 621.8 million tonnes. The export will increase by 1.2% to 180.5 million tonnes and the import will increase by 3.1% to 180.4 million tonnes.