Price of Hot-rolled Flat Steel Keeps Flat in Tokyo

The market price of hot-rolled flat steel is flat with potential decrease at around 66,000 yen per tonne for 3.2 millimeters thick. The price is on the firmer undertone than other steel sheets, such as cold-rolled steel sheet whose price is likely to decline by adjustment. Dealers aim to keep the price level of hot-rolled flat steel watching the shipment at their sites.Major coil centers in the region say the inventory adjustment is completing for hot-rolled flat steel. The price is nearly hitting the bottom, unlike cold-rolled and surface-treated steel sheets whose prices are decreasing due to the surplus inventories and the increasing imports.Integrated steels aim to keep the price level, controlling their supply for contract users and for dealers. Trading is inactive at dealers. However, dealers put their profitability before shipment, those who deal mainly with flat steels.Local dealers notice Tokyo Steel Manufacturing’s announcement of the selling price for February shipment on January 23. Some forecast the firm will not change the selling price of hot-rolled flat steel. There is some possibility that dealers will raise their prices after the announcement with firm demand.