Tokyo’s Ferrous Turnings Scrap Price Decreases

The ferrous scrap price in the Tokyo area, Eastern Japan, declines a little to around 7,900 yen per tonne for steel turnings scrap, around 1,0900 yen per tonne for pig iron scrap A and around around 9,900 yen per tonne for pig iron turnings scrap B for dealers’ purchase prices.The local electric furnace steel makers pay around 21,500-22,500 yen per tonne for H2. The supply tends to be easing when some electric furnace steel makers repair their furnace. Okayama plant of Tokyo Steel Manufacturing repairs the equipment from January 23 to February 3. Its Utsunomiya plant does on January 23-27. The makers decrease production under slow demand in January-March. Ferrous scrap price is likely to keep falling in the area.On the other hand, the ferrous scrap price is declining in the Osaka area, Western Japan. The price fell by around 500 yen per tonne for H2 last week when some electric furnace steel makers lowered scrap purchase prices.