Brass Bar Demand to be on the Rise

Marketing research committee of TOKYO COPPER ALLOY PRODUCTS DISTRIBUTORS ASSOCIATION announced on Tuesday the trends of wrought copper and copper alloy products in December 2005. The committee pointed out that demand of copper strips and phosphor bronze plate strips continued to recover and that of brass bars growing at a sluggish pace had also recovered. Furthermore, it forecasted that the demand of wrought copper and copper alloy products from this March would exceed the actual results in 2005.

The following is the demand trend of each of the products:

Copper strip is under the strong tone. There is well promoted small spot purchase of the products for convenience goods. On the other hand, there is the firm demand for electronic parts.

Phosphor bronze strip is firm. There was the firm demand mainly for connector terminals and the related. In addition, there were the products’ relatively many spot demand. This year, there is likely to be the firm demand for cars as well as that in the previous year. Additionally, it is most likely that the demand for peripherals of personal computers will be relatively good. Further, the demand is likely to continue to be firm since the demand for digital home appliances and cellular phones will increase.

Brass bar is also firm. The demand gradually recovers. That for cars is still good, and that for connectors in communication and capital investment has been on the rise. That for semiconductors and stationery is also brisk. Then, that for gas equipment starts to be firm; shifting of the demand to cadmium-free brass bar is well promoted; some of the domestic distributors have over 30% of the equipment made of the products.

Copper pipe is flat. The demand trend is active for air conditioners because there is currently the demand season. Shifting of the production still continues. The demand for showcases and the related should be brisk from fall. But there was no brisk demand of the products in 2005. It is expected that the demand will recover in the future.