Japan Crude Steel Production Increases in Jan-Mar

Japanese crude steel production would become 27.941 million tonnes in January-March, the 4th period of fiscal 2005, increasing by 0.1% from October-December and by 0.6% from the same period of 2005, announced Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on Monday. Ministry estimated the production becomes 27.31 million tonnes in January-March at the end of 2005 and the production would exceed the forecast by 2.3%. Crude steel production at integrated steel makers would increase by 510,000 tonnes from October-December due to the export recovery and the firm demand for automobile or energy industries, while integrated steels continue the inventory adjustment of steel sheets. Crude steel production at electric furnace steel makers and special steel makers would decrease by near 500,000 tonnes under the seasonal demand decrease in winter. Production of common steel products would increase by 297,000 tonnes from October-December at integrated steels for domestic shipment and by 455,000 tonnes for export. The production would decrease at electric furnaces by 454,000 tonnes for domestic shipment and by 20,000 tonnes for export.