Sankyo-Tateyama Holdings’s Capital Investment to be 12.9 Billion yen in the Year Ending in May 2006

Sankyo-Tateyama Holdings, Inc. (STHD) will perform capital investment at 12.9 billion yen in the year ending in May 2006. The firm will promote the investment in the level exceeding depreciation (8.1 billion yen). The capital investment in the midterm of this fiscal year was 7.442 billion yen, up 164.8% from the same period of the previous year. Further, STHD performed the investment for production at 6.42 billion yen; the firm used 3.68 billion yen for introduction of large extrusion machinery; meanwhile, it used 1.24 billion yen for next-generation backbone sash. STHD estimates the capital investment as 10.4 billion yen for production and 2.5 billion yen for welfare provisions and research and development through the full business year.