Sponge Titanium Demand Likely to Break the Record for 3 Consecutive Years

According to the titanium demand forecast in 2006 by Japan Titanium Society, Japanese sponge titanium demand expand to 36,000 tonnes by 17.8% over the previous year; the rolled titanium product demand is likely to increase to 19,000 tonnes by 4.7%; and these demand is likely to break the record for 3 consecutive years.It is expected that sponge titanium demand increase by SUMITOMO TITANIUM CORPORATION and Toho Titanium Co., Ltd. will raise the production and the rolled titanium products demand increase slightly by the restriction of the material. Sponge titanium demand in 2006 is expected to increase to 24,000 tonnes by 12.4% for its domestic demand and to increase to 12,000 tonnes by 30.3% for export. The demand for export in 2006 is expected to become high level since 1997 of 13,486 tonnes by the sharp demand recovery for airplane, and that for domestic use would 20,000-tonne-mark for 2 consecutive years.