Fujikura’s Subsidiaries in the U.S. and Mexico Start Their Operation

Fujikura announced on Monday that Fujikura Automotive America and Fujikura Automotive Mexico, the firm’s wholly-owned subsidiaries, started their operation from February 1; the businesses of production and distribution of the wire harnesses for cars and electric components for the local Japanese automakers have begun for real. Fujikura estimates the total sales of these 2 subsidiaries as about 3.5 billion yen per year. Fujikura succeeded to the automobile-related business for the Japanese automakers in the U.S. and information-communication business from Alcoa Fujikura Ltd. and newly established America Fujikura Ltd., the wholly-owned holding company. Furthermore, the firm founded AFL Telecommunications and those 2 automobile-related firms under the umbrella of America Fujikura Ltd. The number of Fujikura Automotive America’s employees is about 20. The head office is located in San Antonio, Texas. On the other hand, Fujikura Automotive Mexico is the manufacturing plant in Piedras Negras. The number of its employees is about 1,000.