Furukawa-Sky Aluminum Performs Aluminum Rolled Light Metal Product Price Hikes

A Japanese major aluminum product maker Furukawa-Sky Aluminum will carry out through the aluminum product hikes against the aluminum ingot prices to the rolled light metal products since the aluminum ingot prices are on the rise. The firm will make a request the new price system with the ingot price to the consumers because some product profits which do not move in tandem with the ingot price becomes unwell. The firm already became able to sink the new price system through at about 60%. Further, the firm will advance spreading the system. Otherwise, the firm will carry out shifting and incidence of the system with some product prices which move in tandem with the ingot prices completely. Usually, the firm reconsiders the product prices against the average price of the ingot with 3 months. But there is some possibility that the firm will shorten the reconsidering period in case of the ingot price change exponentially because the profit becomes unwell in the current period by the time lag in the ingot prices’ increasing sharply.