Firm Equal Angle and Channel Prices

The market price of equal angle is firmer tone around 69,000 yen per tonne for the products with 6×50 millimeters widths and the price of channel is also firm around 74,000 yen per tonne for the products with 5×50×100 millimeters widths in Tokyo at dealers’ sites without freight. The higher price is still limited at 70,000 yen for angle and at 75,000 yen for channel though the distributors try to seek the higher prices. JFE Bars & Shapes has still limited supply ability though the Himeji plant launched new electric furnace a month ago. The makers take 40-60 days from the order received to the delivery. The lead time is likely to keep longer than usual 30 days when some makers plan regular maintenance. The distributors’ inventory is still lower level as January. The inventory level is around 30% lower both for angle and channel than a year earlier. The distributors get around 15% less inquiry from the buyers. The price is likely to keep the upward trend despite of the slower demand.