First Delivery Date of Ferrous Scrap at Central Japan Commodity Exchange

Ferrous scrap futures market at Central Japan Commodity Exchange had the first delivery date on Friday. Mitsubishi Corporation Futures will deliver 700 tonnes of ferrous scrap to Mitsui & Co., Ltd. The delivery conclusion was evaluated as representation of market players’ participation in the trade and trading is likely to be activated more after this session.The last session is 10th every month for ferrous scrap futures at Central Japan Commodity Exchange. The trading for February delivery concluded with 2 sessions in the morning on Friday. The high price was 27,120 yen and the low price 22,300 yen during the trading period. The closing price kept flat at 25,600 yen per tonne from the day before, while ferrous scrap export price rebounded sharply on Friday.In the trading at Central Japan Commodity Exchange, steel sheet clipping A is dealt at 20 tonnes per minimum order and the delivery is carried out per 100 tonnes. Traders must deliver the spot during the period from 5 days after the monthly last session to the last business day.