Kitz Metal Works Undertakes Brass Rod Business from Kicho Shindosyo

Kitz Metal Works, Japanese copper products maker, announced on Tuesday it would undertake the business of brass rod production and distribution from Kicho Shindosho, which would close the business at the end of March 2006. Brass rod production of Kitz Metal Works would become totally 5,600 tonnes per month, 2,500 tonnes at the parent company, 2,100 tonnes at Kyoto Brass, the subsidiary of Kitz Metal Works, and 1,000 tonnes at Kicho Shindosho.Kicho Shindosyo originally started its business in 1660 and has over 70 years of history after its trade name change to “Kicho Shindosyo.” Its brass rod production seems about 1,000 tonnes a month. Kits Metal Works will undertake production equipment from Kicho Shindosyo and sell the products by “Kicho” brand. Kitz Metal Trading, the subsidiary of Kitz Metal Works, will change the trade name to Kicho Co. Ltd. and take charge of the sales of the products.