Silicon Wafer Shipment Hits Record in 2005

Worldwide silicon wafer shipment marked the record for 2 straight years in both area shipment and revenue, announced Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Institute (SEMI) on Tuesday, a global industry association for semiconductor and display related companies. The area shipment increased by 6% to 6.645 billion square inches and the revenue by 8% to US$ 7.9 billion in 2005 from 2004, when silicon wafer demand recovered mainly for digital appliances in the half year to December 2005.Worldwide semiconductor market entered the adjustment phase in autumn 2004 and the sales decreased toward mid 2005. However, the inventory adjustment almost completed in the first half of 2005 and the strong demand came back for personal computers, cellular phones, car-mounted appliances and digital appliances including flat and wide screen televisions.Shipment of 300 millimeters diameter silicon wafer also grew firmly after it experienced little increase in the beginning of 2005 with the adjustment phase of end products. Production lines for 300 mm wafer are in full operation at Japanese silicon wafer makers this year. Japanese silicon wafer makers supply more than 60% of 300 mm wafer in the world. Makers’ production is also active for 200 mm wafer.