Sumitomo Light Metal Targets Higher Aluminium Sales for Automobile

Sumitomo Light Metal Industries tries to sell more aluminum for automobile. The aluminium sales for automobile represents more than 10% of the aluminium products sales in the first half of fiscal 2006 ending March 2006 when automobile and motorcycle use more aluminium. The automobile application including structural flame and heat exchanger increased to 50% of the aluminium extrusion products sales when the firm tries to reduce the sales for construction materials. Aluminium demand from automakers increases for castings, forgings, flat and extrusion products when automobile increases aluminium consumption per unit. Sumitomo Light Metal tries to improve the automotive business to meet the higher demand as the aluminium re-rolling rivals. Sumitomo Light Metal tries to improve the contribution for lighter weight vehicle under the mid-term business plan to fiscal 2006. The firm improves the development activity including aluminium body panel and lower cost aluminium products preparing for the potential higher demand. The firm also develops heat exchanger with smaller and thinner size. The firm increases the shipment of body panel to 300-400 tonnes per month. The automobile application increased slightly in the aluminium flat products sales in the first half of fiscal 2005 from same period of fiscal 2004. The application increased by 7% in the aluminium extrusion including multi channel tube when the firm developed other application than construction materials.