Turining Scrap Price is Strong Tone in Tokyo

Turining scrap price is strong tone in Tokyo. It is around 8,400 yen per tonne for iron turing, and around 11400 yen per tonne for pig turning A and around 10,400 yen for pig turning B, at dealer’s purchasing price including freight.Export price of ferrous scrap at Tokyo bay area increased to FAS over 23,000 for H2 at new contract basis. Scrap for export which has been already contracted is low price at 21,000-21,500 yen, but many dealers expect to increase future.On the other hand, the purcahsing price of ferrous scrap by local electric furnaces steel manufactures is strong tone at 22,500-23,000 yen. Tokyo Steel Manufacturing, the biggest electric furnaces steel manufactures, responses with caution. At the moment, the market is likely to keep strong tone.In Osaka, ferrous scrap price remains with strong tone. It is around 10,500 yen per tonne for H2.