International Sponge Titanium Price to Rally by US$2

International sponge titanium price is rising. Sponge titanium price in Europe that is purity of 99.6% increased to US$24-27 per kilogram by US$2 per kilogram on February 15, and rebounded although it had been decreased from the ended of the last year. The high price as historic continued for one year since February 2005 when it rose steeply. B grade sponge titanium which is used for special steel is consumed at about 30,000 tonnes with B grade scrap from the expanded titanium material in the world. B grade sponge titanium international price went up to US$22-26 per kilogram from US$5.5-6.0 per kilogram in February 2005 because special steel has strong demand for automobile. The price in April recorded at US$30-33 per kilogram and exceeded the expanded material price.The price maintained its high price range at the middle of US$20 per kilogram since last summer though expanded material price rose due to tightness of the material supply-demand in addition to users’ stopping buying sponge titanium. The expanded material price rose since the supply and demand became tight.In the ended of the last year, B grade titanium price dropped to US$15 per kilogram at when US ferrotitanium makers purchased sponge titanium at lower prices. The price in Europe decreased to US$22-25 per kilogram slightly. However, the price rebounded in these days since the supply shortage of the scrap is continuing.