Showa Aluminum Powder Raises Aluminium Paste Price in April

Showa Denko announced on Thursday that Showa Aluminum Powder, its subsidiary, decided to perform the price hike of “Sap,” the aluminium paste for metallic painting and started negotiations with its customers. Showa Aluminum Powder will increase the prices for all-purpose grade by average 50 yen per kilogram or 10% and those of drabs and special grade by average 100 yen per kilogram or 5%. The firm will perform the hikes from the shipment on April 1. “Sap” is the product which is processed to a paste through rolling and grinding, etc. after adding solvents based on naphtha to aluminium foil and powder of the main raw materials. The main use is for industrial products. Production costs of the all-purpose grade of “Sap” increase sharply due to LME (London Metal Exchange) aluminium price increase and escalating price of domestically-produced naphtha. Additionally, the production costs of drabs and special grade also increase due to price increase of sub raw material such as add-in material to add high function in addition to the aluminium and naphtha price increases. On the other hand, Showa Aluminum Powder promoted cost reduction by rationalization throughout its structuring unification of production and distribution by transfer of the goodwill of Showa Denko on January. However, there is no other choice but make the customers accept the price revision beyond the self-reliant efforts because of cost increases of energy and raw materials, according to Showa Aluminum Powder.