Aluminium Can Demand Likely to Increase to 18.7 Billion Units

Japan Aluminum Can Recycling Association announced on Friday the forecasts of aluminium can demand in 2006. According to the forecasts, there will be strong demand of “the Third Beer,” which is one of new types of beer. The demand will reach 18.75 billion units, up 1.1% from the previous year, which will increase for 3 consecutive years. The association forecasts the demand of other beverage cans will exceed the actual results in the previous year. According to the association, aluminium can demand in 2005 was estimated as 18.54 billion units. The demand maintains its increase a little though it didn’t reach the first predicted figure. In the breakdown of the prediction in 2006, low-malt beer can demand would be 3.8 billion units, and “the Third Beer” can demand would be 3.4 billion units. Low-malt beer can demand would decrease 600 million units. On the other hand, “the Third Beer” can demand increased by 800 million units. So this year’s rate of beer can to the whole can is likely to increase further from 67% of the rate in 2005. Furthermore, regarding soft-drink aluminium can demand, the association forecasts that stayon tab aluminum can demand will increase for the first time in 2 years. Meanwhile, bottle can demand is likely to be flat this year. According to Mr. Baba, chairman of the association, beverage makers have promoted investment of plastic bottle. Further, he says that compartmentalization of aluminium bottle can and plastic bottle is promoted and bottle can’s new demand through characteristic of its high seal performance will be brought about. On the other hand, the demand of the aluminium cans for drink in the U.S. was 160 million units in 2005, down 0.7%, which decreased for the first time in 2 years because the demand of beer and soft drink declined.