Nippon Steel Chemical Performs Full Production of Two-layer copper-clad lamination

There is likely to be full operation of the production line of two-layer copper-clad lamination at Nippon Steel Chemical’s Kyushu Works (Western Japan), which the firm made work for real in November 2005, from the second half of 2006 because the firm demand continues for cellular phones and hard disk drive, etc. As soon as the firm recognizes the tendency for the demand to increase, it wants to start construction of No. 8 and 9 two-layer copper-clad lamination production lines, whose production capacity would be both 1.5 million square meters per year. The Kyushu Works started operation of No. 7 production line of the production capacity at 1.5 million square meters per year last November following its starting operation of No. 6 production line of the capacity at 1.5 square meters per year last July. By those production capacity increases, the firm’s two-layer copper-clad lamination production capacity became 8.5 million square meters per year including 5.5 million square meters per year at its Kisarazu Works, Eastern Japan. If No. 9 production line were established, the total production capacity would be 11.5 million square meters per year. As for Operation ratio, No. 6 line at Kyushu Works reaches 85%; that of No. 7 line at the works is 60-70%.