Ferrous Scrap Price is Strong Tone in Tokyo

Ferrous scrap price is strong tone in Tokyo. It is around 15,500 yen per tonne for H2, around 17,800 yen for H1, and around 19,500 yen for HS, at dealer’s purchasing price including freight.Export price of ferrous scrap at Tokyo bay area is increasing, and the dealers hiked the purchasing price by 500-1,000 yen per tonne.On the other hand, the purchasing price by local electric furnaces steel manufactures is 23,500-24,500 yen per tonne for H2. The market keeps firmer tone due to tight of the supply and demand. Some market players expect it changes to fall as highest price at 24,490 yen per tonne on FAS which is contract price for March shipment on Kanto Tetsugen Kyodo KUmiai, the scrap dealer’s association in Tokyo.In Osaka, ferrous scrap price is strong tone, too.