Ferrous Scrap Export Contract Price by the Scrap Dealers around Osaka Rise to 24,970 Yen per Tonne

The 10th ferrous scrap export bid tendering was held on Wednesday by Osaka Kinzoku Recycle Kogyo Kyodo Kumiai, the scrap dealer’s association around Osaka. The contract price was at 24,970 yen per tonne for H2 in FAS of Osaka gulf. Taiwa Shoji made a successful bid at 5,000 tonnes. The shipping period is scheduled for March 1st to 31th.As for the ferrous scrap export bid in shipping March by Kanto Tetsugen Kyodo Kumiai, the scrap dealer’s association around Tokyo on February 9, the average contract price increased to 24,490 yen per tonne by 3,155 yen on FAS over the previous month.This contract price in Osaka exceeded the price in Tokyo. Some dealer said that the agglutinate mood of the scrap market price around Osaka may change. There is a anticipation of a rise for ferrous scrap price.