Sato Kinzoku Aims at the Sales at 63.6 Billion Yen

A Japanese ferrous product distributor Sato Kinzoku announced on Thursday the plan in this term for December, 2005 to the end of November, 2006 that the sales would be 63.6 billion yen, the profit margin on sales would be 9%, the gross profit on sales would be 5.724 billion yen and the income before taxes would be 1 billion yen. The firm will advance to build up the sales by the enhancement of the branch office, to expand the sales of high-value added products, and to adjust an overseas sales base. Furthermore, the firm will move Sendai branch and enrich the stock function to the demand for automobiles and appliances. The firm will focus more energy on the sales for automobiles and expand the sales of new material and products such as the target material of the electronic components. Additionally, the firm will enhance the quality assurance system.The firm bought the land at about 1,500 square meters in Sendai city with the relocation of Sendai branch and constructed the two-storied warehouse with the investment at 450 million yen. The warehouse will stock the products for the user of the appliances and automobiles which produce with the purchase of just-in-time. Sendai branch will be starting the operation on March 27, 2006.