Hitachi Metals Establishes Manufacturing Base of amorphous metal products in Japan

Hitachi Metals announced on Thursday that it would increase the production capacity of amorphous metal products. Currently, there is the products’ manufacturing base of the annual production capacity at 22,000 tonnes in South Carolina of the U.S. The firm will newly establish the manufacturing plant of the annual production at 30,000 tonnes whose floor space is 7,500 square meters in Shimane Prefecture, Western japan, and it will prepare for the production condition at 52,000 tonnes per year as a total. The capital investment is about 5 billion yen. The new plant will be under operation from January 2007. The amorphous product is used mainly for iron core of the transformator for power distribution.The new plant will supply the products with coil shape for 25 micrometers thick/213 millimeter wide.Hitachi bought out amorphous metal product business division of Honeywell in 2003. There is expansion of adoption of amorphous transformer that is effective on saving energy mainly in India in the world. Further, it is expected that the amorphous transformer market in China will be expanded.