Demand of Copper Alloy Products Differ by Each Products

Tokyo Copper Alloy Products Distributors Association announced on Friday that the demand of copper alloy products had to be active in a part but it had not recovered full swing. According to the association, the demand of copper strip and bronze sheet strip had increased and the demand of nickel silver had gradually recovered. On the other hand, buying restraint and the request of the reduction of distributor’s margin had to be strong by the jump of the copper price, and the movement of the products which was stocked at distributors was not active.The demand of phosphor bronze is increasing. The demand for auto car and connector used for semiconductor are still active. Although it is hard to grasp the demand for digital appliances, it is firm. Since inventory adjustment of digital appliances ceases completely, there are many views that the demand for digital appliances changes with the fixed level in this year.The demand of copper strip is also increasing. The demand for auto car and electron element is active and for digital camera and cell phone is firm.The demand of nickel silver is favorable. The demand for infrastructure building of phone line, parts of cell phone and a case of crystal oscillator is active. It is likely to keep the good demand till May-June. However, most members of the association have the views whether the demand improves further or not is to depend on copper price.