Indonesian Tin Ingot Export to Japan in the Indonesian Government Policy

A few brand of the tin ingot produced in Indonesia are being imported to Japan. Japanese importers are shifting to import from Indonesia because the ingot produced in China was given the cold shoulder by Japanese importers because that price rose rapidly. Indonesia is the biggest country of production of the tin with the outstanding China. Indonesian 2 refining makers managed by the government, Koba Tin Corporation and Timah Corporation is the major brand of tin ingot in Indonesia. However, there are many small-and-medium refineries and diggers that the government can’t manage and they produce and export the tin ingot about 40,000 tonnes per year which is a-third of all the tin ingot exports from Indonesia. It is production evasion. There is some case that they process the ore forbidden export to the low purity metal, and export to refining companies in Malaysia or Thailand as the in-process material. International tin ingot market price reached to at 10,000 dollars per tonne two years ago, when the operation evasion in Indonesia became activity. Otherwise, the production hike by the ingot price increased caused to easing of tin ingot supply and demand in the world.The Indonesian government started out the control of the illegal producers for the adjustment of international market price or supply and demand by the control of the production and the export. The government has been clearing the plan to establish new tin refining companies managed by the government as the producer’s basis.