Tokyo’s Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Price Becomes Flat

The cold rolled steel sheet market price in the Tokyo area is flat with its weakening. There are not so many inquiries of the products in town, and decline of the center value is controlled. Balance of the supply-demand is not changed from the beginning of this year under the product stock adjustments and wait-and-see mood of influence of the import coils. The import cold rolled steel sheet stock at the quay in January researched by Hanwa decreased to 54,000 tonnes, which recovered to the level of the same month last year. The inquiries were dull in February, There is the forecast that those in March will exceed those in February, On the other hand, by transfer of the transaction to strings from distributors, some point out that the transaction for distributors will continue to be dull. Instead, the current center value is unlikely to decline sharply, according to some distributor. So some of the persons concerned in the market point out that the price might bottom out. The current price for 1.0 millimeters/3×6 is 80,000-81,000 yen per tonne.