CSC to Raise the Price of Steel Products for Domestic Shipment

China steel determined the steel products price for Taiwan in April-June. The firm will increase the price for bar and wire by 300 New Taiwan Dollars( about 1548 Yen) per tonne, for hot coil by 430 NTD( about 1548 Yen), and for galvanized steel sheet by 400 NTD( about 1440 Yen). On the other hand, it will decrease the price for magnetic steel sheet by 950 NTD ( about 3420 Yen). It will not change the price of steel plate and electroplated steel sheet.The reasons for the price increase are that supply and demand of steel products has becoming tight globally and inventory adjustment is accelerating. The demand in the U.S. is active, and in China major steel manufacturers controlled their production output and the steel product’s stock in the country has decreased. The price of steel products are also rising by US$ 30-50% in Asia. While, the steel demand in Taiwan is likely to increase by 6% in this year from 2005. The demand is active at present and inventory adjustment was completed in the country. Furthermore, low grade products which were the bad factor affecting the market price has been decreasing.