Japan Copper Scrap Export Increases in January

Japanese copper scrap export increased remarkably in January from a year ago due to Chinese active demand, while the export of lead scrap decreased sharply with the strong demand from domestic users, according to the trade statistics Ministry of Finance announced on Tuesday. Chinese purchase for copper scrap seemed not to decrease so much even entering the Lunar New Year holidays in January, though some sources indicated Chinese purchase became stagnant around the holidays. The export of aluminium primary ingot, aluminium alloy ingot and aluminium scrap decreased sharply in January from a year ago, when the shipment increased more for domestic auto related industries than for the export. On the other hand, the export of zinc ingot and tin ingot increased in January from a year ago.Japanese copper scrap export increased by 44.7% to 29,767 tonnes in January from a year ago. Overseas demand maintains active and much copper scrap seems to be collected into China where sorting operation cost is cheaper than other countries. Japanese copper scrap export still stays at the high level in volume, though the volume decreased from more than 40,000 tonnes in December.The export of copper cathodes and cathode block increased by 6.5% to 16,291 tonnes in January from a year ago. The export of other refined copper increased by 37.1% to 904 tonnes. Domestic production of electrolytic copper seemed to recover enough in Japan to increase the export.