Inaba Denki Sangyo Introduces Automatic Line of Coating Copper Tube

Inaba Denki Sangyo, Japanese major wholesaler of electric facilities, will introduce automatic equipment of the coating copper tube in Ibaraki works. The firm will also operate new plastic molded component factory at Nara works next month. The firm is the top maker of coating copper tube in Japan for the systems used for air conditioning equipment for household use and business purpose. The firm has 3 works in Ibaraki, Nara and Fukuoka Prefectures and produces mainly coating copper tube there, especially producing plastic molded component at Nara works. The automatic equipment introduced into Ibaraki works automates the processing of coating copper tube. The equipment can process straight tube of 4 meters long and automate the whole process from pallet storage to shipment. The firm will shift the equipment to new plastic molded component factory in Nara works from old factory next month and place back the equipment from outsourcing. Nara works is raising the self-manufacture rate by such as the extension of the automatic production line in April 2005.