Albras’s Aluminum Ingot Production to Reach the Record High in 2005

A Brazil’s major aluminum smelter, Albras which is the joint venture between Japan and Brazil reached the record high of the aluminum ingot production and sales volume in 2005. Albras maintains its good benefit because overseas aluminum market prices are on the rise.Albras’s aluminum ingot production volume in 2005 was 445,393 tonnes, up 2.4% over the previous year, which almost programmed under the full production. The sales volume for last year rose 3.8% to 445,976 tonnes; the volume for the export increased 0.3% to 425,303 tonnes; that for domestic use rose 21.9% to 20,673 tonnes. As for the export in 2005, Japan Nippon Amazon Aluminum Corporation, the Japanese investing company mainly to Latin America decreased 0.4% to 218,705 tonnes; Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (CVRD) increased 6.8% to 206,598 tonnes. It is likely that the sales conditions will continue to be good this year.